Saturday, October 20

William in 'n stil Bloem

Foto's en stories van hoe William die stil tyd in Bloemfontein nou beleef. Al die studente behoort nou te swot vir die eindeksamen so die man moet hom nou besig hou met baie niks. Sy berig is ook maar met net die nodige woorde. Amper tyd om bietjie huis toe te kom seuns.

Not alot of news, here in Bloem things have been going a bit slow, after getting back from camp. So I just collected some small bits and bobs thats happening around (nothing big)

We had some nice cold weather with alot of rain and even a bit of hail, flying about (been like 8 years since I saw hail).

Walking on campus one day towards our friendly 7 /11 I spotted a strange looking thing at one of the hostels, peeking over the top of the trees. Can you guess??

It’s a huge inflatable slide about 2 and a half story tall. What a strange site on univ campus.
In my boredom I also decided to cut my hair, and of course I went to the cheapest barber I could find. None other than James and it cost me a whole lot of nothing, which suited me very well. And the professional that he is, he did an ok job...
What do you think??
James also played a very casual game of badminton, so I went along to see if I could get another storie. After a very intense match, James did walk away the winner.There was also a team building thing on campus; I guess it was mostly a first year thing, but the hostels where divide in teams and they had to create different art pieces. A dance, sculpture, costume and a song.
There was also a new member to the Family.....Leane got a puppy from one of her house mate for her birthday , but more of that later.

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