Wednesday, September 19

My swak hart ....

Dis altyd lekker om 'n update van die seuns te kry oor wat hulle aanvang in Bloemfontein, so die van julle wat ook wil weet, hou julle hart vas, hier is dit ...

After a few weeks here I had a feeling it was time for a haircut. With the help of one of Leane’s house mates I was able to get one for no cost, except the one of it going all wrong leaving me with a shaved head.

But luckily she approached it in a very calm manner taking it very slow but in the end doing an amazing job. Leaving me relieved.

Last weekend we celebrated the birthday of one of James’ old house mates. It was on the same day as the opening match of the RWC so we had a braai at one of the friend’s houses, and when we were finished partying there we went out on the town.

To start celebrating, after a bit of parting we decided to go and take it easy, and what better than a Jacuzzi,

and of course when we got in it was hard to get out of the warm and step into the cold of the Free State.

We are having a hard time looking for housing for next year, and every so often we buy the news paper and see what is for offer. It’s hard looking for a place that is just right with some being
extremely over priced and other being litterly in the middle of nowhere. But luckily we have news of the student house James use to live in, and it still looks like the best option to go for.

Nou ja wat kan ek bysê behalwe dat ek bly is hulle deel darem van die "stout" goed en natuurlik .... het julle daai plek skoongemaak nadat julle gejacuzzi het EN kan James al jacuzzi sê of praat hy nog van 'n JanKosie?

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