Sunday, November 7

Bietjie nuus van die middelste

Ek kry nie altyd 'n storie met foto's daar van Bloemfontein se kant af nie, en dis altyd lekker as dit wel gebeur. Ek sal dit sy eie weergawe maak. Dankie seun vir die aanstuur.

A big part of my studying at the CUT revolves around practical work. Seeing that I want to specialize in adventure management, I need to spend alot of time off the ground, practicing skills I will need in my future job one day.


This time, we went camping and drove about 340 km to Raaswater located on the Vaalriver for the weekend. This is the view from our camping spot.

High Ropes

One of the things I want to specialize in is the high ropes.


To get there we had to do a "small" climb of about 12.5 metres. Not too high?!


Some strange animals found there is the rare Monica monkey :-)


And here I am at the Postmans Walk with the wind blowing too strong for comfort. Look at the view.

All in all it was a great experience and I can't believe that this is an actual job.

Geniet julle laaste dag van die naweek


Jan and Miekie said...

Wow William! Interesting training! Have you ever heard about Adventure camps are often held there - you might have camped at Camp Reynard when you were little? It's part of the Goodland estate.

William said...

No ,sorry dont think so, not that i can remember. But will have a look.

HI mom!!

Ps going again the 11th, and will have some more photos for you.

retha said...

Grote griet!
I prefer the view from the camping spot. To place my trust in ropes and things to keep me attached to poles and things seems too much to me.

I'll say like the ad said Nataniel's ouma said; ek verstaan niks hiervan, dis vir my mooi, hou so aan.

Sandra said...

Miekie al wat hy miskien van camp Reynard sal onthou is die foefieslide en toe was die ou maar baie klein. Ek gaan bietjie loer op daai website. Hierdie ou wil net orals avontuurbane opsit en oopmaak - Abu Dhabi het g'n idee wat hy alles vir hulle beplan nie :-).

Sandra said...

Julle moet die kamp geniet seun en ek soek bietjie van die rafting foto's. Jy was baie klein toe jy saam met my span op kamp Reynard was - die meisies het nog met die slide afgegaan.

:-)Retha die uitsig van die kampterrein is ook vir my die beste